Medical Cannabis Varieties


Big Kahuna – [Pineapple X Haze]
This sativa dominant hybrid starts with a hawaiian pineapple aroma and a taste to match.


Blackberry Kush – [Afghani x DJ Shorts Blueberry]
Buds are dark green and purple. This strain has an OG bud structure with hints of purple. It smells sweet and has a grape-candy aftertaste.


Boutique Blue Dream – [Super Silver Haze (SSH) x Blueberry]
Blue Dream is characterized by its bright green color and abundance of bright orange hairs. The smell is very sweet with a spicy after scent. The buds look like SSH, but smell like blueberry.


Dabney Blue – [Unknown]
This strain was derived from DJ Short’s Blueberry. It is believed to be a land-race strain, but from unknown origins. This strain is characterized by really dense buds with a very musky smell on the front end, finishing with a lighter blueberry-muffin smell that lingers. Dabney buds are crystal-packed and have a variety of colors: light-green, dark-green, purple and mauve. The taste is very skunky with a touch of blueberry.


Durban Poison – [Pure land race originating in South Africa]
This strain is one of the last pure sativas. It has a sweet piney smell with a hint of mint and a sour finish. Its buds are large, dense and bright green.


Gemstone – [Northern Lights x Lavender x Sour Diesel x Skunk #1]
As its genetics would suggest, this strain looks like a cross of every popular cannabis strain blended together into one. Light-green, dark-green, purple, lavender and bright red hairs can all be found on any nug of Gemstone. Its smell and taste is extremely strong, and both are dominated by a sweet overtone with an astringent, almost artificial smelling undertone.


Girl Scout Cookies – [Durban F1 X OG Kush X Cherry Pie Kush]
This hybrid has become one of the most highly sought out strains to the modern cannabis connoisseur and our Girl Scout Cookies delivers that sensational effect promised by this highly interesting genetic combination. Hitting first with a taste reminiscent of the fruity flavors of Durban and Cherry Pie; a canna-fruit salad and with a look mixing the classic light green Durban and purple flowering buds of Cherry Pie all with a deep OG musky undertone. While aroma given by each nug holds almost spicy with the combinations of wood and mint.


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