Auntie Dolores Edibles: Medical Marijuana Should Be Lab-Tested & Consistent

The Auntie Dolores High Potency Toffee Brownie is a powerhouse of medical marijuana.

The Auntie Dolores High Potency Toffee Brownie is a powerhouse of medical marijuana, clocking in with 122mg of THC! This is a great way to make your medical dollar stretch (since most of the money in San Francisco is spent on rent!).


The Chocolatey Wellness of this product is powered by 100mg of THC (hence the name, ‘100’ Bite). Compact medicine means few calories and long-lasting. Great for rides on the Muni, Bart, or when you need to forget about the stressors of San Francisco Life.


Auntie Dolores Brownie Bites deliver potent medicinal benefits without the overwhelming caloric intake! It’s delicious, it’s effective – and it’s bite sized! Take your medicine wherever you want to go, San Francisco!


If you yawn at the sight of sweetened, medical marijuana edibles – behold the Auntie Dolores Caramel Popcorn. This is sweet with a savory twist! The flavor is unbelievable and the effect are spectacular! If you need to maintain wellness through a Giants game at AT&T Park, consider the popcorn, San Francisco -the effects will last the whole 9 innings! 🙂


Thai Chili + Medical Cannabis = a spectacular combination of savory flavor and herbal wellness. This is a great ingredient in soon-to-be-medicated dishes (we’re thinking of you, San Francisco foodies!), but it also makes for an effective way to measure out your perfect dose: down to the peanut ;D


127mg of pure cannabinoids, wrapped up in a crunchy, cheesy, italian-spiced cracker. If you’re curious about alternatives to sweet and sugary medical marijuana edibles, look no further: this is what it’s like when taste hugs medicine, San Francisco.


Love Chocolate? Crave Mintyness? Need help from medical marijuana? Choose the Auntie Dolores Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie. It’s zestful wellness 🙂



3 thoughts on “Auntie Dolores Edibles: Medical Marijuana Should Be Lab-Tested & Consistent

    • Unfortunately not. We are strictly forbidden from providing medical cannabis to anyone but CA residents with a legal medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician. Sorry 😦

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